About Us

Asankrangwa Kroye Kuo is a registered 501(c) organization in Virginia with the goal of providing charitable assistance to citizens of Asankrangwa in Ghana, West Africa

Asankrangwa Kroye Kuo is a Virginia-based Non-Profit Organization with a development agenda to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of the people of Asankrangwa based on the principles of grounding, connecting and inspiring.

  1. In Grounding the organization uses analysis of data to identify and undertake projects that impact a vast and diverse portion of the population.
  2. In Connecting the organization provides a platform for continued engagement between the diaspora and residents of Asankrangwa of all ages and backgrounds for building a relationship of mutual respect and shared knowledge to further the development of the people and the town of Asankrangwa.
  3. In Inspiring the organization provides a platform for the people of Asankrangwa to come together in the spirit of community to create an environment of support and sustained growth through training and education with the objective of building a community of social and economic independence.

Our Goals

  • Poverty Alleviation: To identify and undertake projects which create a pathway for economic empowerment. For example, micro lending to farmers, small business owners, education and introduction of new technologies and trends to help small firms and farmers gain wider market access.
  • Education: To identify and undertake projects which leads to an improvement of already existing schools, facilitates the building of new schools, scholarships to increase and sustain enrollment, while expanding access to reading and technology through partnerships with relevant organizations and institutions.
  • Health & Sanitation: Good health and well-being cannot exist outside of proper sanitation. In this area, the organization will identify and undertake projects which includes education, awareness, and technical assistance in the field of proper sanitation techniques and practices, well-established protocols in hospitals, ownership, and responsibility towards general cleanliness starting with the individual and extending to the community as a whole.
  • Sustainable Community: Underscoring the philosophy of Ubuntu-"I am what I am because of who we all are," the organization looks for opportunities to foster shared knowledge and mutual respect by organizing, sponsoring activities that promote social equity, broad-based citizenship, and celebration of successes of the community as a whole.

Our Board of Directors

Bill Hand

Board Member

Bill Hand is an experienced project and account manager with over 15 years of experience in business development, customer engagement, sales, and team building. He successfully led a production team that designed and built interactive, mobile products for major media companies. Mr. Hand has also spent several years with Verizon Wireless helping to develop sales strategies and was responsible for winning, maintaining and growing government accounts.

Mr. Hand is also an avid reader and writes a motivational newsletter focused on teaching leadership principles, personal development, goal setting, and success principles. He is currently writing a book based on portions of his newsletters. His favorite authors are John Maxwell, Dale Carnegie, Og Mandino, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracey, Napoleon Hill, and Stephen R. Covey. He also likes to cook and meet new people.

Mr. Hand supports the youth in his community and has served as Cub Master and Den Leader for a local Cub Scout pack. He also coached his son’s baseball and basketball teams and had served on the Board of Directors of several community organizations. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors of a local non-profit and a local Toastmasters club. Mr. Hand holds a B.S. in Information Sciences from University of Maryland University College, and his M.S. in IT Project Management from Rockwell University.

I love Asankrangwa!

Joseph Oppong

Board Member

Joseph Oppong is a Professor of Geography and Associate Dean of Research at the University of North Texas, where he has been teaching and doing research since 1992. He is also Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health at the UNT Health Sciences Center in Fort Worth.

A native of Asankrangwa, Ghana, Dr. Oppong has a BA in Geography from the University of Ghana and Masters and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. He has served as Chair of the Medical and Health Geography Specialty Group as well as the Africa Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers.

Dr. Oppong’s research centers on the geography of disease and health services and seeks to answer the question: who is getting what disease in health services where and why? Dr. Oppong’s research focuses on GIS analysis of disease and health services including simulating geographic patterns of communicable disease spread. Previous research topics include HIV/AIDS in Africa and Texas, Buruli Ulcer in Ghana and Tuberculosis in Tarrant County.

You can make a difference.

Jack Ginsburg

Board Member

Jack Ginsburg retired from the American College of Physicians after 33 years of service. As the Director of Health Policy Analysis and Research, he was primarily responsible for developing the College’s public policy positions. Jack was also in charge of staff support for the ACP Health and Public Policy Committee and served as staff liaison to the American Medical Association.

Jack has provided expertise and assistance on public policy issues to the Board of Governors, Board of Regents and other College leaderships around the country. In 2016, Jack became the first recipient of the ACP Award for Distinguished Contribution by a Former or Retired Staff Member.

Before joining the College, Jack worked for New York State government in Albany, NY where he worked for many years as an economist at the research office of the New York State Public Employment Relations Board.

Jack subsequently served as Assistant Chief Health Planner and as Principal Health Planner for the New York State Health Planning Commission. There Jack also provided staff support to the Governor’s Health Advisory Council and a New York State Task Force on Health Manpower in addition to assisting in authoring the Governor’s annual white paper on health care.

Mr. Ginsburg was the primary author of scores of policy statements, position papers and published articles on issues ranging from financing graduate medical education to firearms injury prevention. He was the principal author of the College’s first position paper on universal access to health insurance in 1990 and was involved in all of the College’s subsequent efforts to expand access to health insurance.

Jack is a member of the Alexandria Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Jack served as Clerk of the Meeting (Chief Administrative Officer) from 1985-1995 and as Clerk (Chair) of the Board of Trustees from 1995-2000.

Mr. Ginsburg received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Albany and his Master’s degree in political economy from the Graduate School of Public Affairs at SUNY Albany. Jack married Barbara (Klug) Ginsburg in 1971 they have two children and two grandchildren.

Joyce Williams

Board Member

Joyce Williams is currently a trade & investment attorney at SILLAC Corp and a diversity fellow at the American Bar Association. Both of these positions are in Washington, DC. Joyce’s work has predominantly been in the areas of promotion and harmonization of international trade laws in Africa and Asia. In the past, she served as an associate at the International Law Institute in Washington, DC, Legal Fellow at the National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade in Tucson, Arizona and a Legal Intern at United Nations Commission on International Trade Law in South Korea. Joyce is the author of several papers and is frequently invited to speak on trade & investment issues.

She is the vice chair of the rule of law, communications, and publications for the International Trade Committee, the Africa Committee and the International Corporate Counsel Committee of the American Bar Association’s, Section of International Law respectively. Joyce also is a special advisor on partnership for the African Bar Association and a project coordinator for the African Association of International Lawyers.

Joyce served for four years on the executive board of Bakashana a nonprofit dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women in Zambia. She has trained, mentored, and coached law students in both the United States and Brazil to compete in the Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court.

Joyce has won several awards, including the American Bar Association, Section of International Law’s 2016 Outstanding Member Award for Co-organizing a program on enhancing supply chain security to combat human trafficking in Washington DC and an arbitration symposium for the Ghana Bar Association in Accra, Ghana. Joyce has also been recognized by the United Community Ministries for her pro bono services in immigration to assist immigrants in Fairfax County.

Ms. Williams has a Juris Doctor degree in Law and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. She is an active member of the Arizona Bar.